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June 8, 2018

Instant Coffee That’s Better Than Your $4 Starbucks

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I’ll admit it: I was a sceptic. I’ve never enjoyed instant coffee. It’s that sort of thing you drink because it’s the only thing available. However, I’m the queen of sleeping in, so I’m always down to try something new that can save me a few minutes in the morning. Queue Sudden Coffee.

I was lucky enough to receive some samples of Sudden Coffee’s Cristalina. Cristalina is sustainably grown in Colombia, roasted at Equator Coffees, and then brewed and crystallized at Sudden. As a love of medium-roast coffees, especially Colombian coffees, I knew that this was the instant coffee most likely to win me over.

And win me over it did! Sustain comes in a cute little test tube that you just have to pop open and mix into 8-10 ounces of hot water. While I can find time to put my tea kettle on in the morning, what I like about Sustain is that it comes in simple, easily transportable tubes that I can take to work. Then, I can use the hot water setting on the water cooler to get my favorite drink ready!

I was honestly shocked by how much I enjoy Sudden Coffee. It tastes just like real coffee, because let’s face it – it’s real coffee. Their Colombian variation was a perfect medium roast with just a little bit of fruity and chocolatey flavor, just how I like it. In fact, Cristalina’s tasting notes are fresh melon, Juicy Fruit gum, and chocolate chip cookies. How fun and delicious does that sound?

Sudden Coffee General 250x250

I’m kind of shocked that I fell so hard for an instant coffee… And I certainly will keep enjoying it as I read my Kindle in bed every morning. Or, more likely, as I quickly stir it into a mug before getting my ass in the car so I won’t be late for work. 😉

Thanks, Sudden Coffee, for the yummy sample!

Check out Sudden Coffee here!

And check out my favorite brew, Cristalina.

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