August 23, 2018

Review: Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer

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I have been spoiled lately! Yet another five star read for me. I absolutely loved Andrew Shaffer’s buddy cop comedy, Hope Never Dies. If you like comedy, Biden memes, bromances, and police dramas, then this book is for you!


When Joe Biden’s favorite Amtrak conductor dies surrounded by mysterious, unsettling circumstances, his former bestie Barack Obama reaches out to him. Joe refuses to believe that his friend’s death was an accident, and decides to forge his on investigation. Barack joins forces with him, and the two set out on an epic journey to solve the possible murder.

Just Amazingness

How could you not like this book?! I was shocked reading so-so reviews on GoodReads. Duh, it’s campy. It’s supposed to be campy! This book was 100% everything I was expecting and then some. Just campy, wacky goodness full of wholesome Joe Biden and too-cool-for-school Barack. There were also plenty of digs at “the current administration”, which I got a good laugh out of.


I really hope Shaffer makes this into a series. I could see Obama and Biden making private investigation their hobby or getting involves in other mysterious adventures. They are seriously #friendshipgoals.

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Hope Never DiesHope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That awkward moment when you’re attached extremely to fictional versions of POTUS44 and VP44…

This is a hilarious and fun buddy cop read. If you love Joe Biden memes, hope, and change, then this book is for you! Told from Joe’s POV, the two former best friends, Biden and Obama, head out on a mission to solve the case of the mysterious death of Joe’s favorite Amtrak conductor. The cast of characters is memorable, and the portrayal of Joe and Barack is both hilarious and hopefully accurate…

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    • Post authorKate

      Thanks for stopping by. ❤️

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  • Entertainingly Nerdy

    Great review! I will have to check this out. it sounds interestimg.

    Reply to Entertainingly Nerdy
    • Post authorKate

      I hope you do. It was a very entertaining read.

      Reply to Kate
  • Aparna Prabhu

    This book sounds so promising as Obama is such a cool person. Lovely use of images.

    Reply to Aparna Prabhu
    • Post authorKate

      Thank you! 🧡 Yes, the version of Obama in this is just as cool as I imagine him to be in real life.

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  • milena

    This sounds really great. Good review!

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    • Post authorKate

      Thank you! I hope you check the book out.

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  • DJ Sakata

    This looks fun

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    • Post authorKate

      It really was a fun read. 💛

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  • Tasha

    This looks fabulous. Great review.

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    • Post authorKate

      Thank you! It really was a fun read.

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  • Shana

    Sounds interesting. Great review 🙂

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    • Post authorKate

      Thank you!

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    • Post authorKate

      Thank you!! 💙

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  • Heidi

    Sounds interesting! Great review!

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    • Post authorKate

      Thank you!!

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  • Cia Black

    SOunds like a good book for when I would need a pick me up or a good laugh.

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    • Post authorKate

      It really is. 💚

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  • Whispering Stories

    Never heard of the book before, sounds like it could be a good laugh. Great review.

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    • Post authorKate

      It’s a great laugh. Check it out!

      Reply to Kate
  • Jordanne

    Probably still a better read than Fire and Fury – great review!

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    • Post authorKate

      Hahaha – probably true!!

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