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January 20, 2019

Game of Thrones Rewatch: The Bear and the Maiden Fair, Second Sons, The Rains of Castamere, Mhysa

If you didn’t know, I currently am on a mission to rewatch all of Game of Thrones before the Season 8 premiere. Check out my rewatch schedule here and join me in the fun! Watch out – SPOILERS ABOUND below.

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Or start from the beginning!

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Sooo, TBH, I wasn’t “supposed” to watch S3E10 this week. It’s a rather anticlimactic episode, so I had scheduled it for next week with the start of Season 4. But I forgot that, so I’m ahead. Wooo.

To be honest, though, what is there to think about in these episodes other than the Red Wedding?

Apparently a lot.

I forgot Jaime WENT BACK for Brienne.

Like, I knew he ~rescued~ her from the bear fight, but he actually turned around to do it. This Jaime Lannister is so different from who he used to be, and I love it. And him.

I really enjoy Tyrion and Cersei’s relationship.

Despite the fact that Cersei despises her younger brother, he is the only person she reveals her soft side too. He’s the character who just listens, without malicious intent, to how she once loved baby Joffrey and harbored hope for her marriage to Robert as a young girl. She tells him things she would never divulge to other people. It’s really interesting.

And then, there’s the Red Wedding.

Ugh, I spent these episodes just yelling at Robb & co. Every time they were happy I was just like, “STOP!!! YOU IDIOTS!!” There is so much foreshadowing that I can’t believe I didn’t see Bolton’s traitorous actions ahead of time the first time around. He has an opportunity to make a deal with Jaime Lannister for heaven’s sake! Of course he’s going to turn on the Starks. Ugh.

ANYWAY I get to watch the Purple Wedding next week, so I’m understandably hype.

Finally, I saw this gif…

Season 3 Final Verdict

Favorite episode: Rains of Castamere

Most heart-wrenching episode: Rains of Castamere

Best death: The Red Wedding

Favorite character: Margaery

Least favorite character: Ramsay and it’s funny because I almost put him as my favorite character. God, he’s awful.

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