Romance novels, and the reading of, have been my guilty pleasure for a few years now. Recently, I realized that reading romance doesn’t have to be something I hide. In fact, romance is the one genre that is largely created by and for women. How awesome is that?

Romance is just as worthy of reading as any other genre and should be taken just as seriously. For me, a good romance novel pulls me out of reality and into a magical place, whether the novel is fantasy or realistic, historical or modern. Because of this, for me at least, reading romance a multi-sensory experience. So what do you need to make that experience even more worthwhile? Read on to find out!

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Before we start, I can’t stop talking about Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore – my favorite romance of 2019.

A cup of tea or coffee

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a warm beverage. Coffee makes morning reading even better, while tea is the perfect way to unwind at night.

These are my favorite mugs to enjoy a warm beverage from:

…Or a glass (or bottle) of wine

I am always drinking a beverage, whether it’s water, tea, coffee, or wine. Wine is the perfect treat for reading a romance novel. It’s like you’re on a date with your favorite person – yourself.

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Comfy clothes & blankets

It’s time to get cozy! Warm socks, cozy sweatshirts, and weighted blankets make for the perfect treats.


Nothing says romance, IMO, like candles. They really set the mood and also create a calming atmosphere perfect for reading any book.

Finally, if the novel gets you feeling a little hot and heavy…

I usually don’t recommend buying sex toys on Amazon, because you can’t be sure that it’s not a fake unless you purchase from a trusted retailer. But hey, if you’re single like me and start feeling *fans self* while reading a romance novel, you might want to treat yourself to a toy. Tracy’s Dog is one Amazon brand that I trust and keep coming back to.

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I hope these ideas inspired your next romance novel reading session! What do you need to set the mood?