Some people drink tea while they read, others coffee. I drink wine. Honestly, if you’re one of those barbarians who keeps hydrated with water, of all things, while reading, then I don’t trust you. But if you’re anything like me, you might try to make sure you’re pairing the best wine with your book. So which wine pairs with which genre? Read more to find out.

Cabernet: The Classics

Cabernet is a classic in and of itself. Full-bodied and fruity, it’s a crowd pleaser. But the pairing goes beyond that. Imagine you’re on a first date. If you’re not a big reader and your date asks, “What’s your favorite book?” then you can quickly spit out one of the novels you had to read in high school, like The Great Gatsby. If you’re not a wino and your date asks, “What wine should we order?” then you’re sure to be able to pronounce, “Cab” at the very least.

Pinot Noir: New Adult

This lighter red wine still seems sophisticated, just like novels about college-age adults are about not-quite grown-ups. The fruity, floral taste proves that it’s really just for fun. And hey – what better wine than one that reflects on a possible trope featured in a new adult romance novels. Threesome – or menage a trois – anyone?

Chardonnay: Contemporary

Though it’s fruity and flavorful, Chardonnay is anything but sweet. Think of your favorite contemporary drama or tear-jerker, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Sauvignon Blanc: Dystopian

The stakes are high in a dystopian novel, just like the citrus level is high in a Sauvignon Blanc. The plot and flavor are nothing but sweet, but so, so memorable. And those grassy notes you’re picking up? Your dystopian heroine is probably loping through the last remaining woods in her world to hunt up some dinner for her suffering family.

Rosé: Chick Lit

Hellooooo. We aren’t pairing chick lit with anything other than pink wine! Blush is the go-to for girl’s night. Beyond that, it’s perfect for sipping on your front porch on a summer afternoon while you read your favorite easy chick lit book!

Sparkling: Romance

Champagne on ice, a steaming hot bath, and a guy with abs for days. Sounds like the makings of a romance novel to me! Of course, any sparkling wine will do. It’s the bubbles and the magic of hearing that cork pop that will fully set the mood for reading your favorite romance novel over and over again.

Merlot: Fantasy

Again with a full-bodied red, because that’s what fantasy is all about. The red blood of a dragon, the crimson cape of the villain, the cherry red lips of the damsel in distress, the flaming auburn hair of the sidekick. Fantasy fiction is full of wonderful detail, just like a good bottle of Merlot.

No matter what you’re sipping tonight, remember to drink responsibly and to read with abandon.