Bookish Blog Hop Spring Day 18 prompts: highlight of your blogging career to date


The highlight of my book blogging was meeting one of my favorite authors, Laurie Halse Anderson about a year ago. I don’t know that I would have gone to the event at the Doylestown Book Shop if I wasn’t a book blogger. Yes, she’s a big time favorite of mine, but I do not always like going to things like book signings alone. I’m a little shy! However, I was really excited to meet her and also, come on – I knew meeting would make pretty great #bookstagram material!

Another highlight was the time my review was put on the back of the hardcover of Sourpuss by Merricat Mulwray! Seriously, how cool is that? If you buy it, you can look at the back cover and see a review from Bitch Bookshelf.



Here are the answers that the rest of the Bookish Blog Hope crew shared.

Erica Robyn – Erica Robyn Reads @

I’m so grateful for every thing my little blog has helped me achieve! One of the highlights of my blogging career so far is winding up in the acknowledgements section in one of Tony Moyle’s books! I was totally blown away when I saw my name included! It’s so much fun to work with authors to help promote their books just in general, so to be added to Tony’s Beta Reader Team was such an honor in itself as I get to read the new books before they’re released. But then for Tony to also add my name in print… Amazing! 


Laura Doherty ~ Tales of a Natural Spoonie @ 

I know it’s going to sound cheesy but one of the highlights has definitely been being able to connect with the wonderful book blogging community. Especially as my blog isn’t a book blog, but more of an alternative lifestyle one. Next to that has got to have been discovering author Laura Laakso and her publisher Louise Walters Books on Twitter. I am absolutely loving Laura’s fantasy series and squeeee with excitement each time I am lucky enough to receive an ARC. Also Louise has sent me copies of all her author’s books. They are absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend everything that she publishes.


Leslie Conzatti @

There are a few moments in the last seven years (dang has it really been SEVEN??) that have stood as hallmarks that I can look back on to know that I’m participating in something awesome. 

There was the time back in 2015 when I suddenly went from struggling and fighting to get even one hundred views in a month… to clocking in multiple hundreds of hits–all thanks to a mention on the blog of one Mark Lawrence, in a list he made of bloggers who “happened” to review his books. (And then later on, totally unsolicited, he sent me a review copy of this collection of short stories he wrote!) That was the moment that convinced me to keep reviewing books on the blog, because although it might not feel like much, it actually went a long way to supporting the authors I enjoy!

Then, after publishing my first book, I found myself connected with a few different groups of authors who wanted to compile and publish anthologies–and not once, not twice, but four different times, it just so happened that the theme of the anthology matched a story I’d already written and posted on the blog! A few of the anthologies were only limited-run, and so they aren’t available anymore… but you can read the early drafts stories that turned into my submissions here: >”Arthur and The Egg”<, “The Starlight Legacy” which was inspired by parts of >This story< and >This one<, >”Heartsong”<, and >”Serenity’s Light”<. To find out that these fit so well really reassured me that not only was it okay for me to continue spending the time to write and post these serials and short stories–but they might contribute to something more than I ever expected!

Eline @

My highlights are those little wins that show me that my blog has a purpose. When someone replies to my newsletter with a personal story about how much of a difference audiobooks make for their quality of life. Or when someone tells me they absolutely loved a book I recommended. Or a message saying that a guide of mine worked perfectly. I have a guide on how to sign up to Audible Escape from outside the US and every now and then, someone will tell me that it worked like a charm and that they’re so excited to listen to all the audiobooks in the subscription.

Everyone wants to be heard and feel that their writing makes a difference. Though writing about books and interviewing authors is immensely fun and fulfilling, any analytical work that I do with respect to reading is closest to my heart. I am always thrilled when the blog posts that I put a lot more mental effort into than reviews get appreciated. Two main posts that have resonated with my readers as well as the writing community at large are my reading experience scales (now fully integrated into and the discussion post about trigger warnings in book reviews. By reading and engaging with the reading and writing community, I have been part of amazing discussions whether it is about reviewing, being a writer or being considerate of our readers. I did not realize that we had so much influence as book bloggers.