It was recently Leap Day, and to celebrate, I had a low key program that involved making and decorating frog origami. This was a children’s program, but adults were quick to join in too. This easy program is perfect not just for Leap Year, but for spring in general. It easily could be added to a storytime, and the theme of frogs is perfect for spring!

Origami is a great passive or relaxed program. Either leave directions out for patrons to follow along with, or join in and show them yourself. I used this video to show the kids how to make a simple frog origami. I played it on a slower setting so we had plenty of time to follow the directions and help one another when we made mistakes. There are other origami instructional videos on YouTube, so feel free to pick a different one that suits the time of year or theme you are focusing on. And there are more complicated frog origami instructions if you’re involving the teens or adults! I chose this one because it was so quick and simple.

After we made the origami, we decorated it using colored pencils, markers, and wiggly eyes!

Do you have a favorite origami that you use during storytime or for passive activities? What are your favorite books about frogs? Let me know in the comments. Link instructions if you can!