Bookish Blog Hop Spring Day 25 prompts: Where do you usually discover new books? Physical bookstores? Online? Social media?

I’m a librarian, so it’s really easy for  me to discover new books. I am surrounded by them all day.

You might think that this means that I discover books just by stumbling upon them at work. While this is partially true, I also follow a ton of bookish people on social media. This is 1) because I have a book blog and 2) because I’m a librarian – it’s the professional thing to do! I check Goodreads a few times a week and interact with other book bloggers.

I’m also in a book club, and my friends help me discover books I would not have come across otherwise.


Here are the answers that the rest of the Bookish Blog Hope crew shared.

Erica Robyn – Erica Robyn Reads @

Mostly online for me. I follow various book bloggers, bookstagram accounts, and booktubers. I also listen to quite a few bookish podcasts. Many of the people I follow or listen to are individuals that have similar reading tastes as myself, so when I see them raving about a book, I’ll add it to my TBR. Most of my book purchases are in thanks to Bark’s Book Nonsense, Bite Into Books, Booker T’s Farm, Chuckles Book Cave, Deanna Reads Books, There’s Something About KM, and the Books In The Freezer Podcast.



Stormi – Bewitched Reader Book Blog @

I usually find my new favorite books online from other book bloggers or authors I follow. I also enjoy just browsing Goodreads or my local bookstore. I can get lost in my local bookstore for HOURS just reading blurbs on the back of books and admiring the covers.



Kaili- Entertainingly Nerdy @

I actually find mine through a variety of places. Typically I like going to a bookstore because I end up finding books that I probably never would have found online. That’s usually why I like going. Otherwise, I usually find them online through Amazon. Sometimes I find it hard to find any type of recent books on there and their recommendations can be off. This is when I usually just go to a store. There’s nothing like actually being there and being able to hold the book in your hands.



Laura Doherty – Tales of a Natural Spoonie @

Kindle reads I usually find through other book bloggers. I love reading book reviews and discovering new books through them. 

My favorite way though is to wander into a bookstore and to just browse the stacks. I can spend hours inside a bookstore, being drawn in by a cover or title, feeling the book in my hand as I scan the blurb. It’s hard for me to walk out without making a purchase, it physically hurts to leave a book I have connected with. 

Bookshops are my happy place though, where I can go to relax and unwind, so I’ll put up with the occasional sadness of having to leave a book behind.


Leslie Conzatti @

I discover new books mostly through word-of-mouth, whether actually in person (from coworkers, friends, and family), in checking out the “Staff Recommendations” shelf at my library, or just seeing what my friends are gushing over on Goodreads and Facebook! The thing I love most is to just scan library shelves and see what catches my eye. Often, it’s a book by an author I’ve heard of or even read before–I just didn’t know they had that particular book! Sometimes, too, I’ll see one whose title really catches my eye, then I’ll check the blurb to see if I like the premise. If it passes muster for both those things, I’ll give the first chapter a try–and if I want to read more, I borrow it! 

The other way I end up with new books on social media is when I participate in giveaway events in the various groups I’m a part of on Facebook. It’s amazing how many event-specific giveaways I’ve actually won just because I stopped by and participated, interacting with the author and such–and in that way, I have received numerous new books that I might never have heard of, otherwise!

Eline @

I discover a lot of books in my monthly release features (one for new audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited, and one for Audible Escape). It’s very handy cause I can download them right away. I browse through Amazon and Audible and see what’s new and looks good. But I also have a list of bloggers that I know have the best books for me that I would otherwise miss. 


Jo Linsdell @

I find out about most books either from other book bloggers, or from searching sites like Amazon, and Net Galley. I’m friends with several book bloggers who have similar reading tastes to me and so I’m always on the lookout for their reviews to see what they suggest.