Last week, I shared information on the rating system for the “star” part of my book reviews. Today, I want to expand on where I review, and how I review in these different spaces.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on and/or purchase from some links, I make a portion of the sale. This helps keep Bitch Bookshelf running.

What do my reviews look like?

My reviews look different on every platform I share them. However, they all include some specific pieces of information:

  • my honest opinion
  • my star rating
  • whether I received the book for free, with a thank you to those involved (always the author and publisher, often NetGalley or a book tour company)

First, I post a blurb on Goodreads.

As soon as I finish a book, my mind is full of thoughts. It doesn’t matter if I loved the book, hated it, or was indifferent to it. I have something to say, and I want to say it now. That’s where my Goodreads reviews come in. These are often short and always my first impressions – the things I need to share ASAP.

If this review was part of a book tour, I’ll note that and share the date for when the full review goes live on my website.

Next, I write and schedule my full review.

This review will go live on Bitch Bookshelf. This is an in depth review with ALL of my thoughts. I generally write it a few hours after finishing a book.

If this review was part of a book tour or sent by an author/rep/publisher, I’ll include all the HTML or anything fun I was sent from the source.

If applicable, I post to NetGalley.

If I received my copy via NetGalley, I immediately will submit my review once I schedule it for my website. I just copy and paste it, and make some edits if applicable – like removing HTML from the book tour or deleting out links to other posts on Bitch Bookshelf.

If requested, I post to Amazon or elsewhere.

After the post is live on my website, I’ll post it to Amazon or any other requested sites, like Barnes & Noble. By this I mean, if the book tour, author, publisher, etc. has requested that I post the review elsewhere, I gladly will. Again, I’ll delete out any information not relevant.

And that’s it!

You can check out some of my older book reviews at Slutty Girl Problems. During my time there, I reviewed memoirs of those in the sex industry, sexual health books, and erotica.