My book club chose a timely subject recently. Bridget chose this book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I listened to the audiobook, and enjoyed hearing the conversations, expertly performed by the narrators. The audiobook also features a bonus recording of one of the conversations. I liked getting to hear RBG’s words in her own voice.

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The summary, from Amazon:

“The audiobook version includes recorded conversations between the two from the 1990s to the present, delivering a compelling informal profile. As a permanent record of Ginsburg’s voice and fighting spirit, it’s an inspiring listen.” (Paste)

This program includes recorded conversations between Jeffrey Rosen and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In this audiobook, Ruth Bader Ginsburg offers an intimate look at her life and career, through an extraordinary series of conversations with the head of the National Constitution Center.

Conversations with RBG is a remarkable and unique audiobook, an informal portrait of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, drawing on a series of her conversations with Jeffrey Rosen, starting in the 1990s and continuing through the Trump era. Rosen, a veteran legal journalist, scholar, and president of the National Constitution Center, shares with us the justice’s observations on a variety of topics, and her intellect, compassion, sense of humor, and humanity shine through. The affection they have for each other as friends is apparent in their banter and in their shared love for the Constitution and for opera.

With Justice Ginsburg’s approval, Rosen has collected her wisdom from their many conversations in which she discusses the future of the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade, her favorite dissents, the cases she would most like to see overruled, the #MeToo movement, how to be a good listener, how to lead a productive and compassionate life. These frank exchanges illuminate the steely determination, self-mastery, and wit that have inspired women and men of all ages to embrace the “Notorious RBG”.

Whatever the topic, Justice Ginsburg always has something interesting – and often surprising – to say. And while few of us will ever have the opportunity to chat with her face-to-face, Jeffrey Rosen brings us by her side as never before. Conversations with RBG is a deeply felt portrait of an American hero.

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Wow, this book was interesting! Jeffrey Rosen is a journalist who was also a friend to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Over the course of many years, Rosen interviewed her quite a few times. The book includes commentary from Rosen as well as conversations between the two. I loved the insight into Ginsburg’s life, experiences, opinions, and thoughts. Some things really surprised me, and some of her wisdom gave me hope during this tumultuous time, especially throughout the recent Supreme Court nomination and approval.

I really enjoyed the afterward in this audiobook, because it included a recording of a conversation between RBG adn the author. The rest of the audiobook was wonderfully narrated by Peter Ganim (for Rosen’s parts) and Suzanne Toren (for Ginsburg’s parts). While the conversation at the end was included in the main part of the book, it was great to hear it again in Ginsburg’s own voice, and to hear the reaction of the audience listening in!

Overall, I think this is a great read or listen – 5 stars!

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Conversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty, and LawConversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty, and Law by Jeffrey Rosen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely an interesting listen. I learned so much about RBG, her views, her life, and her experiences. I listened to the audiobook, which was expertly narrated. I appreciated the extra at the end of the audiobook with sounds of an actual conversation between her and the author.

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