Hi all and happy Wednesday!


This week I am giving you a tour of my bookshelf! This is a prompt I gleaned from “101 Blog Post Ideas” by Jo Linsdell. I recently moved into a bigger space so I have my own little reading room. I’m really excited to share my bookshelf with you!

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Here she is! My bookshelf. She’s not gorgeous, but it feels so nice to have the space to store my books. That might not seem like much to some, but when I first moved to New York, I was living in a veritable closet.

The content of my bookshelf constantly is shifting, with new additions finding space and books I’ve read being removed. This shelf is entirely for books I have not read yet. It’s alphabetized by author’s last name. The only exception is the top of the bookshelf, which has some adult coloring books, a children’s book I recently read and enjoyed, a sticker book I received for Christmas, and my library books which I haven’t read yet.

I also have some decorations thrown about. I’ll share more on them below. I’ll also share the titles to each book on my shelf, and a link to any books or products if I have one available.

And yes, I painted that Baby Yoda masterpiece. Disclaimer: It was a paint-by-number.

Hanging above my bookshelf is my moon phase garland. I have two coloring books (only one of which you can see), my library books, a pen and notebook (which I have plans for but haven’t used yet), a small box my mom decorated, a sticker book, and my Mandalorian painting that I completed over the New Year.



On my top shelf I have books (duh) and some sentimental and fun items. I have a Beanie Baby named Chickie that I used to sleep with as a kid, I guess a preteen. My mom bought it for me after my grandmother passed away because she always called me Chickie. I have a little dog stuffed animal (though my mom always calls it a lamb) that my friend April got me in high school. I always thought it was really sweet that she bought a bunch of them for Christmas in ninth or tenth grade and gave everyone a different puppy. (That’s how I know it’s not a lamb! They all had different colors and markings, Mom!!) I have a Daenerys Targaryen Funko POP and a little black crystal ball that’s supposed to be made from onyx, but I got it off of Wish, so I doubt that.

My Laurie Halse Anderson books are signed. I got to meet her in 2019 which was awesome. I have read Speak before, but haven’t read the graphic novel yet and would like to read from the newer edition, too, especially because Jason Reynolds wrote the afterword and I love his books.

My friend Erika lent me the Catherine Asaro books approximately 800 years ago. I read one and returned it to her recently but I need to get to these two.



My middle shelf is just books! All of these are my copies, to be read.


And finally, the bottom shelf! This one has a few more copies of books I own, with the exception of Zodiac which I borrowed from my friend Ashley. It also has a fake neon (LED) light which I sometimes turn on or use as a prop in photos.


And there you have it – my bookshelf. I hope you enjoyed my tour. Is your shelf set up similarly? I would love to buy another one to add my read books on, instead of having them at my parents’ house or just all over the place.