In this post I am sharing with you my best tips for finding your next read. This is a prompt I gleaned from “101 Blog Post Ideas” by Jo Linsdell – offering some booikish advice!

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1. Browse Goodreads.

Browse Goodreads for ideas. I am constantly visiting my to-read list to refresh my memory of what books have interested me recently. You can also see what books are similar to your recent read if you are looking for more of the same. Goodreads can be a little clunky, but it is super helpful for learning about new books and keeping track of what you have read and plan to read.

2. Ask a librarian.

Readers advisory is the technical term for helping a reader find their next book. Public librarians specialize in readers advisory and can help you find what you’re looking for. They might ask you about what you like to read, what you have recently read, and what you’re in the mood for now before finding your next perfect read.

3. Browse Amazon or ask Alexa.

Similar to Goodreads, Amazon can be great for finding read-alikes. Alexa can even give you book recommendations if you ask her what you should read next. However, in my experience, she is not the best at recognizing what your interests are. I don’t think she will be replacing librarians any time soon.

4. Create a TBR jar.

To-Be-Read (TBR) jars are fun, creative ways to determine your next read and crack down on your ever-growing TBR list! Simply write down every book you want to read on an individual slip of paper, fold that paper up, and place it in your jar. When you are ready for a new book, give your jar a shake and draw out a slip of paper. That will be your next book!

Some folks get really into creating a TBR jar that works for them. You can color-coordinate the slips of paper by genre or format you own the book in, for example. That way, when you’re in the mood for a romance novel or a book you already own in ebook format, you can simply make sure to draw the corresponding slip color to choose which specific title to read next.

5. Ask another reader for a recommendation.

Ask a friend who likes similar books to you what they have read and enjoyed recently. Or you can visit a favorite book blog to see what titles they have rated highly. Here are all of my book reviews to provide you with inspiration!