Today I’m sharing some hot takes – characters in fiction I HATE that get a lot of love! This is a prompt I gleaned from “60 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers” by Jo Linsdell. And in case you missed it, check out my post on the reverse topic – controversial characters I adore!

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4. Elain Archeron from A Court of Thorns and Roses

Elain does nothing for me. While I normally am here for characters with gentle personalities, there are times I wonder if she has a personality at all. And there were moments in A Court of Silver Flames where I just found myself not trusting her. Feyre can be seen as a bit of a Mary Sue, and Nesta, IMO, is bratty in the best of ways. Out of the three sisters, Elain is my least favorite.

3. Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass

No spoilers, please, as I’m still not finished this series. But the real reason I’m not finished this series? I can’t get through Empire of Storms because Tower of Dawn comes after it and I don’t want to read about Chaol. Chaol’s name sounds like kale for a reason. He’s boring, but unlike the vegetable, I don’t think sautéing him with garlic will make him any tastier. I don’t understand how someone like Aelin could have a romance with this cardboard square of a man.

2. Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

Call Mrs. Bennet annoying all you want, but at least she’s looking out for her girls. She knows marrying them off is the only way they’ll be provided for, because they sure as hell aren’t being left any money when their parents die. Mr. Bennet is the truly negligent parent. Austen wrote him this way on purpose, and yes, Elizabeth still loves him dearly and vice versa. But really, the dude is not looking out for his kids at all. Furthermore, when his wife is in histrionics he just allows things to play out when he has the power to calm her nerves. I get it, Mrs. Bennet overreacts and probably isn’t having a real panic attack, but just tell the woman you spoke to Mr. Bingley already. Damn. He’s the worst.


1. Edward Cullen from Twilight

I won’t lie to you. I am and 100% have been Team Edward. I even plan to read Midnight Sun eventually. (As a guilty pleasure read. I know these books are, well… Twilight.) But in retrospect, this guy does nothing for me. I just can’t buy that this guy has lived for a century and Bella is the only woman who’s really done it for him. (Assuming he doesn’t fall on the ace spectrum, which the books never indicate he does.) Emmett is the only attractive male Cullen sibling.


 What are your feelings on these characters? Any you love? Any you despise? Let me know in the comments!