Today I am sharing some book-related rants. This is a prompt I gleaned from “60 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers” by Jo Linsdell. These little things all bother me when it comes to reading and collecting book. I wonder, what are your bookish pet peeves? Do we share any? Read on to find out!

1. When I’m collecting a series and the covers change.

While I will intermingle hardcover and paperback with no qualms, it drives me wild when there is a cover design change in the middle of the series. I love posting photos on my bookstagram account and dislike when the change in cover design messes with the aesthetic!

2. When someone dog-ears their pages.

Ugh, this one drives me nuts, perhaps with the exception of textbooks. Bookmarks, sticky notes, and random items like receipts are my methods of choice for saving my place in a book or returning to a section I need to come back to. I hate coming across library books with dog-ears and would be very upset if I let a friend borrow a book and it came back with wrinkled corners.

3. Bad formatting in ARCs.

Have you ever read an eARC that was poorly formatted? This drives me absolutely bonkers. Sometimes I can power through, but if the story isn’t going to end up being a 4 or 5 star read for me anyway, there’s no chance I’ll make it more than 50 pages if the formatting is bad!

4. No exposition.

When I’m reading a book, there needs to be exposition. I can’t rely on dialog. Additional text provides not only much-needed description of the setting and characters, but can add emotion and provide context. Some authors don’t have a strong grip on exposition, and I struggle getting through these books.

5. Book snobs.

Finally, all of my pet peeves are just personal qualms. If you don’t mind collecting mismatched covers or dog-ear your books, you aren’t a horrible person. If an eARC is poorly formatted, it’s not the author’s fault. And while I need exposition to make it through a story, some readers prefer books with stronger dialog. Book snobs who gatekeep other readers, book reviewers, bloggers, and bookstagrammers are the true villains.

Comment and let me know your bookish pet peeves!