Last year, I was lucky to read The Name of Red and The Weight on Skin. The Name of Red is Beena Khan’s debut novel, and The Weight on Skin is book two in the Red Lounge Romance Collection. This is a four book series that you can now buy as a boxed set on Kindle – and bonus, it’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

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I wanted to give Beena Khan a shout-out and also encourage you to go ahead and buy the boxed set. I am really excited to read Color Me Red this year as well as A Beauty So Cruel, the start of another series by Beena Khan. Now, onto The Red Lounge Romance Collection!

The summary, from Amazon:

FOUR complete romance novels, and The Red Lounge was where it all started..

The woman in Red has a secret admirer.
A mysterious woman in a red dress seeking shelter came inside the restaurant I was busy working in—primarily the bar
I didn’t want to be her next reject.
So, I decided to leave her books anonymously with notes.
Just as I was about to put another, a voice behind me says,
“So you’re the one leaving me books?”

I saw him first. I loved him first, but he never noticed me…his best friend.
My childhood best friend Nadia had left me and cut off all contact because I fell in love with someone else.
But now she returns to my life.
She was right in front of me, but I never saw her. Now I’m looking.

One woman. Two brothers. Three lives.
I caught their eyes.
The untouchable, wealthy, notorious rich, bad boys of Emerson University.
Torn, I must choose between right and wrong before each man takes a piece of me and never returns it.

Most people fall in love once, I fell twice.
Two different cultures. Two different religions. Two different social statuses.
My name Aryan means noble-born but I’m homeless.
Now in the future, I’m successful, wealthy, and single.
My old love returns to my life.
A reconnection. How far would you go for the one you love?

An Anniversary special.All books could be read as standalones. Don’t forget to scroll up and purchase the sizzling 4 in 1 box set for a limited price! Recommended for fans of Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel, Jane Austen, second chance romance, secret admirers, multicultural romance, and enemies to lovers.

Buy The Red Lounge: A Romance Box Set Collection here.

More on The Name of Red:

This is a drama, a work of literary fiction. It is angsty and pulls at your heartstrings in the best of ways. Red was a hard character for me to like at times, and I felt Kabir was a saint for putting up with and loving her, but her reason for being that way makes sense. Every time I grew frustrated with her, I learned more about her character and I understood.

Khan’s writing style is certainly evocative of literary fiction. At times, she repeats ideas, but it is done in a way that seems to have poetic intention, even if that’s not a technique I’m crazy about. What really stood out to me were her characters. She even made me consider sympathizing – just a little bit, mind you – with the bad guys in this one. Even though we really only see two POVs, it’s evident that every character has drives and emotions.

Read my full review of The Name of Red by Beena Khan here.

More on The Weight on Skin:

Reading this book immediately reconnected me with Beena Khan’s awesome characters: in particular Kabir, Red, and Nadia. I really loved all three of these characters so much, and Kabir remains a solid book boyfriend. I also liked that we meet Kabir’s ex, a woman who cheated on him. Though I wanted to dislike her, Miss Khan did such a good job of making her someone you wanted Kabir to forgive (and forget!).

Read my full review of The Weight on Skin by Beena Khan here.

P. S. The Red Lounge is free to read with Kindle Unlimited. Check out Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans to score this and other great reads for free. You can thank me later.


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