I’ve been book blogging on and off for about three or four years. In that time, I’ve learned so many lessons about blogging in general and about book blogging, but these are three that really stick out. I got the idea for this bost from “101 Blog Post Ideas” by Jo Linsdell – which brings me to the first lesson!

1. Befriend, work with, and learn from other book bloggers.

There are so many communities out there to get to know and learn with and from likeminded folks. Check Twitter, Facebook groups, Pinterest, and the #bookstagram hashtag on Instagram to find other book bloggers. Collaborating helps both of you with hits and SEO, and it’s always great to connect with other individuals who are as passionate about your hobby – or job! – of reading as you are.

2. Make a consistent schedule.

It can be difficult to get in the habit of blogging, but if you schedule posts ahead of time, you’ll be more likely to get ahead of the curve and be able to put out a constant stream of content. Invest in a planner or calendar, or use a digital equivalent if you prefer, to keep track of scheduled posts.

3. Just have fun and be yourself!

Book blogging most likely will not yield you a large income, if any income at all. You will score some free books though! I have more fun with book blogging when I don’t stress myself out too much about earning money and just enjoy myself. Yes, running a website costs money, but so does any other hobby. Being yourself is your brand, so just run with it and have fun!