When I was reading “101 Blog Post Ideas” by Jo Linsdell I got to thinking about my favorite fandom. While I would say I’m more active in what’s known as #romancelandia now, my first fandom is one I keep coming back to. While I’m no longer a fan of the author, the Harry Potter fandom has a special place in my heart.

I love the Harry Potter books and films, and I do hope to visit the new store in NYC as well as the theme park one day, and perhaps the tour in London. (Though I’m still grappling with my own qualms and if visiting these places is worth promoting the author’s voice or giving her even more of my money. I do not support transphobia and am disgusted that someone with such a huge following is so vocal about it.) My only fandom-themed tattoo at the moment is a friendship tattoo inspired by the series.

What I love most about the Harry Potter fandom are the fans. The fanmade content is stellar, from fanfiction to clothing to a festival I love attending in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. The fans are passionate and understand the characters perhaps even better than the author in some ways. I love how passionate Potterheads can be!

Harry Potter was also the fandom that I first became involved with on the internet as a child. I have been writing fanfiction since long before I knew what fanfiction was, and Harry Potter fanfiction was the first I read and shared online. I was involved in a number of online communities as a kid, from the Warner Bros. forum to Livejournal communities and more. It’s clear that this fandom always will have a special place in my heart.