Confession: I’m addicted to books. If you’re an avid reader and collector of books like I am, then you are what’s known as a bookworm. Today I’m diving into five problems most bookworms have in common. This is a prompt I gleaned from “101 Blog Post Ideas” by Jo Linsdell – sharing your best literary jokes!

1. Our TBR list never ends.

Bookworms are constantly adding books to their TBR, or To Be Read, list. There are simply too many books out there to read in one human lifespan, and true bookworms will never get finish their TBR list. It is forever growing, and for each book finished, ten more are added to the list.

2. We might never return your books…

If you let your bookworm friend borrow a book, be prepared to part for it for some time. See the above problem. We have so many books to read, and might not be able to prioritize this one. There are also nefarious bookworms out there, who will end up loving your book so much and might choose to never part from it. These culprits simply will hope that you forgot that you ever let them borrow their new favorite book so that they can keep it forever.

3. …and we might not let you borrow our books.

Bookworms are territorial when it comes to physical copies of books at times. If it’s our favorite edition of a beloved novel, we might not lend it out to you. Why? Because we know from our own personal inclinations that once a book is borrowed, it might never be seen again. Besides, many of us cannot stand the thought of another reader dog-earring the pages of our favorite book or spilling coffee on it.

4. Our bookshelves and wallets can’t accommodate our desires.

The shelves of a bookworm are often full to burst. Perhaps we can part with books that weren’t perfect for us, but we are constantly buying new books and refuse to part with favorites. And the desire to own books, especially when in a physical format, can really put a dent in one’s bank account. And yet, we don’t want to budget for books. We need a disposable income just for the purpose of buying new copies.

5. We can never read our favorite book for the first time again.

We can reread our favorite books as many times as we want, but we will never experience that magical moment of reading it for the first time again.

Can you think of any more bookworm problems? Share them below!