I have been using Winc for a few years now and love it. Winc is a wine delivery service which caters wine specifically to your taste. Each month, you receive four bottles of wine, and you choose how many of those you want to be red and white. You can add more bottles, or go in and choose which ones you want, too. (I always choose four white, but sometimes switch one out for a red that has caught my eye.) You can cancel a month at any time.

I love that Winc has allowed me to discover some fantastic wines – my favorite of which is Summer Water.

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2020 Summer Water® Rosé

5 stars

Summer Water is always my favorite from Winc! This is the entire reason I subscribe to this service. It’s my go-to summer wine. I got this one in June as well.

2020 Keep It Chill® Gamay

5 stars

I’m not big on reds but I’ve enjoyed this one, the chillable red version of Summer Water, in the past. And I liked it just as much in 2021.

2018 Capuchon White Blend

4 stars

I’ve enjoyed Capuchon’s rosé in the past.

2020 So This Happened® Rosé

5 stars

I really enjoyed this rosé. I think I drank the entire bottle alone in one sitting. Oops.

Give Winc a try and get $22 off our first order!

This is such a fun way to treat yourself every month, or whenever you can afford it, to some quality wine!

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