Since May 2020, I’ve been working on a reading challenge, originally posed over at Love, Sawyer. This is a 50 romance novel reading challenge, with the pitch:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet a new and exciting book-boyfriend each and every week for an entire year? That’s what this challenge gives you.

I’m not reading these books weekly or in order, but I’m a fifth of the way through the challenge now, so I figured I’d share my updates so far, including my latest book boyfriends. Check out my first update here!

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Book 6: For The Love Of English by A.M. Hargrove

Week 7: Single Dad
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For the Love of English

Beck’s original lawyer thinks he should marry because the courts often give custody to the mother and it will look better if he’s married. But then another lawyer enters the picture and says the marriage was a bad idea and the judge will think Sheridan just married him for his money and Beck paid her off to do it. Whatever the case, their entire courtship and Sheridan’s eventual motherhood of English as her teacher feels weird. It’s not common to have a teacher over for dinner, and as a professional I feel like Sheridan would have turned that initial offer down. And though I don’t think the schoolboard would frown on her dating or marrying a student’s parent (though they do for a hot second??), there’s no way she would still be allowed to teach the student. I could see if this was a small town romance and English couldn’t be moved to another class or Sheridan couldn’t be moved to another school, but this wasn’t the case. I grew up in the suburbs of a major city, and such a school district wouldn’t allow that sort of thing.

Also, as a former teacher myself, I felt like Sheridan just wasn’t a good teacher. But that’s a rant no one but me wants to read.

English, despite having a unique name, the funkiness of which was never acknowledged, was the only redeemable part of this book. She was spunky, smart, and cute to boot.

Review posted February 17, 2021 ☆☆

New book boyfriend? I would not give Beck the time of day. He’s a good dad but not a good boyfriend.

Book 7: Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas

Week 5: Secret Baby
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Then Came You (The Gamblers of Craven's, #1)

Then Came You features Lily Lawson, a spunky and memorable heroine. I picked this book up solely because we share a last name. Despite being unmarried, she has carved out a life of her own in the ton, arguably bordering on the demimonde. She is scandalous and sexy, and spends her nights as the only society woman allowed to gamble at Derek Craven’s hall. He’s her best friend and the only person who knows her secret.

Lily finds out her little sister is engaged to Alex. Zach, Lily’s friend, is in love with Lily’s sister. The two work out a plan to make sure Zach and Lily’s very forgettable sister (I think her name is Penelope?) can elope together. This causes Lily to have to distract Alex. The two are immediately obvious enemies-to-lovers – constantly butting heads and getting in one another’s way.

Halfway through the book, the plot seamlessly changes. Lily and Zach get their way, so now the reader is faced with the aftermath of Lily’s actions and her quest to reunite with what was taken from her so many years ago – the secret she has kept from anyone but Derek. Of course, her attraction to Alex is paramount and the two must work even more closely than they had ever anticipated.

Review posted March 31, 2021 ☆☆☆

New book boyfriend? Alex is a fun boyfriend in a fictional sense but I don’t think I could deal with him IRL.

Book 8: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Week 43: Neurodivergent Character
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The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1)The Kiss Quotient is such a memorable read. Stella is one of my favorite romance heroines of all time, and Michael is such a good book boyfriend. I also loved Michael’s family, from his cousin to his mother to his grandmother to his sisters. I plan to read the rest of the series to see what all of them get up to.

The love scenes in this one are HOT. Initially, Stella hires Michael to teach her how to have sex. Her few intimate encounters have been awful and she faults herself for it. Stella’s parents want her to get married, and she doesn’t think a man will want to date her unless she can be good in bed. However, Michael, unlike the men in her past, is respectful of the emotions Stella feels during sex and the two end up forming a different plan. Instead, Stella will pay Michael to teach her how to have a relationship.

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New book boyfriend? Yes, I’m in love with Michael.

Book 9: Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day

Week 9: Super Steamy
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Pride and Pleasure

I’m a big fan of Sylvia Day’s writing from my previous reading experience with her books, but Pride and Pleasure just did not do it for me. While I liked the characters, the plot was just all over the place, as were their motivations. In the end, everything is wrapped up, but Day includes another chapter or two to explain all of the factors that have been driving the characters for the entire book in detail rather than peppering this information throughout the pages.

As always, Day’s sex scenes are on point. Pride and Pleasure wasn’t as steamy as some of my other reads by her, but still had multiple love scenes. Honestly, I was just sticking with this book for the porn aspect, because I know this author never disappoints.

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New book boyfriend? Eh, I did find the love scenes in this one to be hot, but I’ll pass on Jasper.

Book 10: Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas

Week 21: Age Gap
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Suddenly You

I loved the heat level in this book but overall it just didn’t do it for me. We finally find out there is an age gap between these characters but it’s not that big of one, I think 25 and 30. If the gender roles were reversed, no one would consider that an age gap. And I’m 31 and wouldn’t consider dating a 26-year-old an age gap. Finally, the third act just annoyed me.

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New book boyfriend? Jack is attractive but overall I just don’t think his possessiveness would do it for me.