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I always love sharing my planner posts here and on my Instagram. In 2022, I chose to continue using The Happy Planner. I’m using a regular planner as usual and another planner as an astrological/witchy journal.

My planner of choice is The Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas. You can get it Michael’s, on the MAMBI website, or through Amazon. I usually purchase at Michael’s, TBH. I’ve also purchased stickers for my planner through the school supply market on Poshmark as well as The Happy Planner’s website.

There are various sizes and types for The Happy Planner. Some come with vertical layouts, and others horizontal. You can get them in mini, regular, or large. I am using the big planner for my main planner this year, just like I did in 2020/2021. My reasoning is that there are three boxes per day in the vertical layout, and I want a square for work, a square for home/personal, and a square for blogging and social media. These boxes are all big enough that I have enough room to fill in the details for each. My other planner has a more daily diary entry layout and I’m excited to share my spreads of it on occasion here.

Are you a planner? What’s your planner of choice? What methods work best for you when it comes to using your planner, bullet journal, or diary?

sounds like a plan