2021 is here and gone, and what a year it was. If you’ve read any of my monthly recap posts, you know I’m a planner addict and have been updating my Instagram with my weekly planner spread posts. Here are some of my favorite planner spreads of 2021 for your #plannerinspiration – and don’t forget to check out my favorite 2020 spreads!


Additionally, I’ve been tracking my moods in my planner. I felt like this was a good way to keep track of what my affect my anxiety and depression, and also to put into perspective how many good days I have! Overall, these were my emotions for the year, as logged in my planner:

  • Good – 104 days
  • Okay – 79 days
  • Productive – 46 days
  • Great – 37 days
  • Tired – 24 days
  • Relaxed/Lazy – 22 days
  • Happy – 15 days
  • Frustrated/Annoyed – 12 days
  • Bored – 10 days
  • Emotional/Moody – 6 days
  • Depressed/Sad – 4 days
  • Busy/Stressed – 3 day
  • Sick – 3 days
  • Anxious – 2 days
  • Disgusted – 1 day
  • Optimistic – 1 day
  • Reflective – 1 day

Just like last year when I did this, adding those dates up was stressful enough that if it doesn’t add up to 365… So be it! 😉 I will say there was a huge improvement in my mood from last year, where “Okay” came in first place at 85 and I only ranked “Good” 46 times! Americans, can you guess which day I felt disgusted? 🤔

While depression and anxiety affect me every day, I was surprised to see how good this year was for me. I was able to look on the bright side which is saying a lot during these current times.

I hope I was able to provide some #plannerinspo for you! Looking forward to another year of stickers and markers in 2022.