Monster Friends by Kaetie Vandorn is a very cute graphic novel about friendship. The whimsical illustrations really grew on me, and I think young reader and middle grade kids who enjoy graphic novels will go for this one and really enjoy it.

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The summary, from Amazon:

Two friends: one big, one little. One old, one young. One grumpy, one cheerful. Both: MONSTERS! From the author of Crabapple Trouble comes a sweet and fun-filled chapter-book graphic novel, with a charming cast of adorable monsters.

Reggie’s plan is to spend the whole summer brooding over his latest adventure gone wrong. But his friendly and curious neighbor, Emily, won’t let him sit alone and unhappy in his house forever! Despite their differences, these two monsters make the perfect pair of explorers. And with a map to make, a beach party to plan, and a sea monster to find, Reggie will have to learn to talk about his feelings and let new friends in!

With bright, gorgeous art by Kaeti Vandorn, Monster Friends features the cutest, fuzziest monsters you’ve ever seen.

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Reggie is house-sitting and plans to spend the entire summer alone, reflecting on how his latest adventure was a failure. But then he meets his neighbor Emily. Emily is everything Reggie is not – energetic, adventurous, and talkative! This unlikely friendship is all about gentle encouragement and finding joy in yourself and your community. This was an adorable 3 star read for me that I know young fans of graphic novels will love.

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Monster Friends: (A Graphic Novel)Monster Friends: by Kaeti Vandorn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Very cute.

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Book Club Questions

  1. Why does Reggie want to be left alone?
  2. How are Emily and Reggie good friends to one another?
  3. Is it better to make friends or be alone? Are both okay?

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