The only thing better than a plot-driven book with a heavy dose of romance is a romance-driven book with a heavy dose of plot. One Thing Leads to a Lover by Susanna Craig was the latter. I am greatly enjoying this series about spies solving mysteries and falling in love along the way.

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The summary, from Amazon:

Opposites attract more than trouble in the latest captivating Regency romance from Susanna Craig.

Amanda Bartlett, widowed Countess of Kingston, is a woman beyond reproach. Married at nineteen, she dutifully provided the Earl with an heir and a spare before his death three years ago. Since then, Amanda has lived a simple, quiet life. A life that, if she were honest, has become more than a trifle dull. So when an adventure literally drops into her lap, in the shape of a mysterious book, she intends to make the most of it—especially if it brings her closer to a charismatic stranger. . . .

Major Langley Stanhope, an intelligence officer and master mimic known as the Magpie, needs to retrieve the code book that has fallen into Amanda’s hands. The mistaken delivery has put them both in grave danger and in a desperate race to unearth a traitor. It’s also stirred an intense, reckless attraction. Langley believes the life he leads is not suitable for a delicate widow, but it seems he may have underestimated the lady’s daring . . . and the depths of their mutual desire. . . .


“Craig delights with a fast-paced, intrigue-filled plot and expertly developed characters. Regency fans will eagerly anticipate future installments.”
Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

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I loved Book 1 in Susanna Craig’s Live and Let Spy series, Who’s That Earl? These books all work as standalones with their own unique characters and plots, but take place in the same universe with the same themes of spies with mysteries to solve. In One Things Leads to a Lover, Amanda is a widow with two sons. She purchases a book for the eldest’s birthday, but when someone runs into her, she drops her book and picks up the wrong one. It turns out the the French cookbook is actually a codebook. Major Langley Stanhope is sent to retrieve the book from Amanda. Of course, things aren’t as simple as they seem at face value. When the book goes missing, Langley and Amanda search for it, and with the French on their tails, Langley must pose as a tutor to stay in Amanda’s household. Inevitably, an attraction forms between the two.
This book was wonderfully steamy and I loved that the hero wore glasses. The children characters, Pip and Jamie, were wonderfully fleshed out. Sometimes in romance novels, kids feel like props, but both boys were essential to the plot and had memorable personalities. Overall, this was a great read and I’m excited for Better Off Wed, the third standalone in this series, which is teased at in the epilog.

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One Thing Leads to a Lover (Love and Let Spy, #2)One Thing Leads to a Lover by Susanna Craig
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Fun & steamy!

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Book Club Questions

  1. Describe the relationship dynamic between Langley and Amanda.
  2. How do Langley and Amanda’s prior experiences impact their relationship?
  3. Who was your favorite character? Why?
  4. Is Dulsworthy a “bad guy”?

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