I have never read a title by Joanna Schupe, and now I am desperate to dive into her backlist. The Bride Goes Rogue was a super steamy read with two leads who have fantastic chemistry. While it is book three in a series, it operates well as a standalone. I’m excited for the fourth book, and because I know the couple in that one has a history, I fully plan to visit books 1 and 2 before diving in. This one is released on May 24, so add it to your TBR and wish list today!

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The summary, from Amazon:

By beloved USA Today bestselling author Joanna Shupe, the third installment in the Fifth Avenue Rebels series about an arranged engagement destined for disaster.

A hard-hearted tycoon.
A romantic dreamer.
An engagement set up to fail.

The charismatic and vivacious Katherine Delafield should be married by now. Her father arranged an engagement to the much sought-after tycoon Preston Clarke ages ago. The only problem is Preston refuses to acknowledge it. But this isn’t going to stop Katherine from living life to the fullest as she ditches all silly notions of love and marriage and sets out to sample all the excitement New York City has to offer . . . the more scandalous the better. Because no matter what happens, she and Prestonwill never marry.

After his family nearly lost everything, Preston is done letting his late father ruin his life—including choosing his bride. But when a mysterious lover at a masquerade turns out to be his would-be fiancée, Preston’s resolve begins to crumble. He hadn’t expected Katherine to be so charming. Or beautiful. Or passionate. And seeing her out on the town with other men is driving him crazy.

What happens when the wrong bride turns out to be the right woman after all?

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Holy crap, this book. I had no idea Schupe’s historical romance was so well-written and erotic or I would’ve read her books sooner. In Gilded Age New York, Katherine has believed for a year that she is engaged to Preston, the son of her father’s former business partner. When she finally chooses to talk to him about their impending nuptials, Preston reveals that he never planned to marry Katherine, who is heartbroken and angry she wasted a year on this man. Katherine decides to attend a masked party with her friend Nellie, whose reputation places her on the outskirts of society, and find herself a lover. She’s determined to have fun and no longer wait around for a man. There, Katherine has a passionate moment with a masked man in a matching costume. The two agree to meet the next evening to finish what they started, and are mutually shocked to discover that, of course, the man in the mask was Preston and his partner was the woman he just rejected.

Preston is entirely ruthless when it comes to business and believes he owns a piece of land Katherine’s father gifted her. Katherine has big dreams to open an art museum to feature her late mother’s collection of paintings on the land. While the two are business rivals, they agree to a romantic affair because their chemistry is so off the charts. But as they fall in love, things become more complicated, especially because when it comes to business, Preston always gets his way.

This one was so steamy and so fun! Preston is truly a scoundrel, but Katherine can hold her own. I was addicted to Schupe’s writing while reading this one, and the excerpt for the next title in this series? Ohhhh my goodness, I am so excited! Schupe will become a must-buy from me and I can’t wait to delve into her entire backlist. The NYC setting was just icing on the cake.

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The Bride Goes Rogue (The Fifth Avenue Rebels, #3)The Bride Goes Rogue by Joanna Shupe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first read by Johanna Shupe and I am dying to read her entire backlist – and for the next book in this series. This is a HEAVILY erotic romance with a complete scoundrel of a hero and a heroine who really holds her own. The love scenes had me fanning myself and praying no one would walk into the room or text me to interrupt the moment. I haven’t read a lot of American historical fiction around this time period and love that it takes place in NYC!

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Book Club Questions

  1. Describe the relationship dynamic between Preston and Katherine.
  2. Are Preston’s actions forgivable?
  3. Is someone who commits crimes to get what they want always a bad person?
  4. Is Katherine’s behavior realistic for a woman of her class and time?

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