I’ve been selling on Poshmark for a number of years now. Poshmark is an app to sell your used clothing and more. I’ve sold home items, jewelry, and clothing that was either brand new or gently used.

Poshmark is very simple and easy to use. They do take a fee for their sales, and there are times when you offer discounted shipping and see a very small profit from your sale as a result. However, I’ve found that local “thrift” type stores that purchase clothing rather than taking donations often will skip over clothes that will sell on Poshmark.

Here are a few simple tips to selling on Poshmark.

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1) Take good photos or find stock photos.

Clear photos are great for Poshmark and any resell site. While taking stylized photos of someone modeling the clothes is great, simply relying on good lighting and a plain or bold background that does not distract from the clothing is best practice. Sometimes you can look at the tag of your item and find out an item code or the season it was on sale, too. Using that information, you may be able to find a stock image on Google.

2) Research the price.

I find it helpful to know the original price of the item before putting it up for sale and using that in my listing, but some sellers just skip over that or put in something like $999. Knowing the original price helps me gauge if I’m offering a good deal or not. There is a tool on the listing page to suggest a price if you know the original price based on the brand and type of item you are selling, too.

3) Be quick to offer discounts to likers.

Once someone likes your item, send them an offer. While some new users use the like option just for the same of liking, liking an item on Poshmark is supposed to be an indicator that you would like the purchase it. You can send discounts to your likers (must be 10% or more) at any time. Do it as soon as you notice a like come through. There are times I’ve liked an item I was interested in buying and by the time the seller got back to me with a discount, I had already purchased something else.

4) Use the bundle option in your seller tools.

Check out your seller tools page for more ways to communicate with those liking items in your closet. You can bundle all of the items they’ve liked together to offer them a discount or leave a comment letting them know about any sales you have going on. You can set up an auto-discount on bundles of multiple items, too. This is also a good way to navigate around having to offer discounted shipping, or to offer it just for larger bundles rather than on individual items. Discounted shipping is where I “lose” the most money on Poshmark sales.

5) Keep updating your closet.

If something isn’t selling, remove it from your closet and try reposting it again in a few months, perhaps when it’s more seasonally appropriate. Or just remove and relist the item. Shoppers tend to see newer items first.

6) Always make note of flaws and try to photograph them.

People can and will return their purchases if they are not as described, though they cannot do so if it just doesn’t fit right. If there’s something even slightly “wrong” about your item, from a stubborn but small scuff to a pulled thread, make a note of it in the description and photograph it.

7) Provide measurements or be quick to respond to commenters.

People often want to know the measurements of an item on Poshmark because the return policy states you can’t return just because it didn’t fit. Sometimes I find measuring to be a hassle, so I don’t always list measurements, but I keep an eye on my app and make sure to comment back with measurements whenever requested.

I hope this helps! Happy selling – and shopping.