I love reading romance novels. I first started reading them about ten years ago and it has become my favorite genre since that time. While I read other books, I always turn back to romance. Here are ten reasons why I love the romance genre.

  1. It’s largely written by and for women and LGBTQ+ folks.
  2. The optimistic endings give me hope.
  3. They’re the perfect escape.
  4. Once you find a favorite author, they usually have an entire backlist for you to peruse.
  5. Name a trope you love and your fellow romance readers always will have recommendations for you.
  6. It’s so fun to go back and reread, whether that’s the entire book or just your favorite banter or steamy scenes.
  7. From the cover, title, or blurb, it’s almost always easy to tell if the book touches on tropes you enjoy.
  8. Other romance readers are also excited and passionate about the genre.
  9. Authors often turn out one, two, or even three or four books a year, making for lots of reading material!
  10. You always get that happily ever after.

Do you love romance? Why is it your favorite genre? What’s your favorite trope? Let me know in the comments.