Do I mostly share romance reviews on this blog? Yes. But if you didn’t know form my plethora of middle grade reviews, I’m a children’s librarian! I also used to teach two-year-olds and preschool. Because of that, I’m very familiar with potty training books. Here are seven potty training books, and one that just has a silly, related title – because I’m a child at heart and poop humor just gets me.

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Where Do You Poop? by Agnese Baruzzi

The summary, from Amazon:

Potty training becomes a funny, interactive game of discovery in this rhyming pull-the-tab book. Kids will laugh out loud as they make each animal’s poop appear by sliding the tab — and learn where they should go!

The bird does it in the air, the dog does it on a lawn. But where should a child do it? On the potty, of course! “Works as both a biology lesson and potty-training encouragement…. A fun, new take on droppings.” – Kirkus Reviews

Where Do You Poop?Where Do You Poop? by Agnese Baruzzi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


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We Poop on the Potty! from Little Grasshopper Books

The summary, from Amazon:

The perfect book to make parents and kids laugh during potty training! Who poops? Everyone poops! Where do we poop? On the potty!

  • Sly, funny illustrations teach kids how every creature, big and small, poops—even grown-ups!
  • Kids learn about how pets, animals in the wild, and animals underwater, poop.
  • Whimsical illustrations raise the question of how unicorns, dragons, and aliens poop, too!
  • Each page emphasizes that wherever animals may poop, humans poop on the potty.
  • Large padded board book.

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

The summary, from Amazon:

The beloved, bestselling potty-training classic, now in hardcover for a new generation!

An elephant makes a big poop. A mouse makes a tiny poop. Everyone eats, so of course: everyone poops!

Taro Gomi’s classic, go-to picture book for straight-talk on all things “number 2” is back, as fresh and funny as ever.

• Both a matter-of-fact, educational guide and a hilarious romp through poop territory
• Filled with timeless OMG moments for both kids and adults
• Colorful and content-rich picture book

The concept of going to the bathroom is made concrete through this illustrated narrative that is both verbally and visually engaging.

Everyone Poops is just right for potty-training, gift-giving, and everyday reading with smart, curious readers.

• Resonates year-round as a go-to new baby gift for baby showers, birthdays, and more
• Perfect for children ages 0 to 3 years old
• Equal parts educational and entertaining, this makes a great gift for parents and grandparents who are potty-training their toddler.
• Add it to the shelf with books like P is for Potty! (Sesame Street) by Naomi Kleinberg, Potty by Leslie Patricelli, The Potty Train by David Hochman and Ruth Kennison.

The Potty Train by David Hochman and Ruth Kennison

The summary, from Amazon:

The Potty Train is coming! All aboard!

Time to say good-bye to diapers and take the journey to Underpants Station.

Are you ready? Let’s chug away on the Potty Train!

Poop or Get Off the Potty! by Margaret McNamara

The summary, from Amazon:

When Mason and Mia were babies, they pooped a lot―always in their diapers.

Now that they’re big kids, it’s time to use the potty. But what is the potty for?

Naps? NO.

Books? NO.

Playing the drums? No, no, no!

Mason and Mia look ahead to official big-kid territory in Poop or Get off the Potty!, this hilarious, instructive story from with special emphasis on that momentous toddler milestone: pooping in the potty!

Poop or Get Off the Potty!Poop or Get Off the Potty! by Margaret McNamara
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m not sure there is a potty training book that will be more “lesson-teaching” for kids and HILARIOUS for grown-ups. (The toddlers probably will be amused too.) This really describes all the woes of diapers, and then jumps into how toddlers use the potty and, tbh, the experience of pooping in a cute and funny way.

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P is for Potty! by Naomi Kleinberg

The summary, from Amazon:

Sesame Street‘s Elmo tells little girls and boys ages 1 to 3 all about how to use the potty in this sturdy lift-the-flap board book with more than 30 flaps to find and open!

P is for Potty is the perfect mix of fun and learning for potty-training toddlers—especially while they practice sitting on the potty! Sturdy flaps will hold up to hours of repeat lifting and peeking, and toddlers will delight in the surprises they find under the flaps.

Poop by Poppy Champignon

A funny picture book about the ever-popular word poop

Admit it: You love saying the word poop. It’s so much fun to say, much to your polite friend’s dismay. Poop. Poop. Poop. It’s all fun and games until you lose your triple-chocolate ice cream scoop and discover the true meaning of the word, and suddenly, it’s not so funny anymore. Or is it?

PoopPoop by Poppy Champignon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is funny with whimsical illustrations. Fabulous for beginning readers!!

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