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Bitch Bookshelf


Why bitch?

After graduating college, I started going through a rough patch in my life. I created an anonymous Twitter account with the handle “crazyandbitchy”. I’m not sure anyone had called me crazy, but I felt that way, and I’d certainly been called a bitch during this wild, angry period of my life.

While I’ve rebranded since then, what I learned about during that time was reclamation. I mostly learned about this through my work at Slutty Girl Problems. Why are women called sluts or bitches? And what can we do to take those words back and turn them into something powerful?

To me, being a bitch means being a strong woman. It means having emotions, doing your best to control them, and kicking ass in spite of or became of them.

Read more on my thoughts about reclaiming slurs at Slutty Girl Problems, here.

About this site


You might wonder how I destress. The answer is: I don’t. I started this website in the peak of finals week during my second term of graduate school. I know, sounds crazy, right?

But the thing is, at twenty-seven, I was finally starting to understand myself. I love taking breaks. I’m easily bored and even more easily distracted. But I’m also extremely lazy. A break in the form of watching Netflix or reading a good book or napping means I’ll never get back to work. And so what’s the ultimate refresher for me?

Switching from academic work to creative work.

In April 2017, I decided I wanted to start reading more. I used to love reading, and still did, but I didn’t have any time in my life for it. I started a “bookstagram” account, and taking pictures of my books while communicating with other geeks got me back into my favorite relaxing hobby.

Maybe I’m not the best photographer, but I have fun taking pictures of and talking about books. I also have fun sipping wine and filling in my planner. I soon realized there were tons of niches on Instagram, all devoted towards my interests. And I found myself carving a place in each and every one of them.

And so, when I was in need of a creative project to keep myself even busier during finals season, I shelled out the cash (okay, credit) for this website. I figured it was the best place to combine all of my interests: books, wine, Philly nightlife, travel – whatever – and to do so in a place where like-minded individuals could connect with me, and where I could connect with them. So whether you’re here to see what Bucks County has to offer, to check out the latest YA book review, or to find a great champagne punch recipe… Well, thanks for stopping by! I aim to please. Speaking of…

Want to work together?

I’d love to hear from guest bloggers, sponsors, authors, and local businesses! Contact me at

Hey! While you’re here…

Check out the website that started it all for me. Lorrae over at Slutty Girl Problems taught me everything I know.

And if you’re interested in my take on dating, sex toys, and more, check out my Slutty Girl Problems posts here.

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